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Ever wanted to just travel the world through work?

Being a vet is a gateway to working and living in nearly any country you could hope to travel to.

Our international placement programme offers direct work placements into many of the top clinics worldwide.

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The Vet Service can help you work abroad

Do you want to travel and work abroad? Or maybe you just want to travel and work later?

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Working Abroad is a dream! Every vet should experience it at least once. However, there are a series of challenges to overcome, from finding the right paperwork to making sure that the practice you join is friendly and offering the right type of work. So whether you want to be sitting on Bondi Beach in Australia just after clinic, cruising with your window down to check some dairy cows in New Zealand, or maybe working somewhere else completely we can point you in the right direction.

  • Travel where you want.
  • Travel when you want.
  • Work when you want.
  • Working abroad can be a once in a lifetime experience, it is a chance to challenge yourself and learn new things, you never know - you might even stay.
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