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What is a Locum?

A locum is a person who temporarily fills the position of a permanent member of staff.

Being a veterinary locum or ‘locuming’ is now a hugely popular and successful career decision which many members of the profession now pursue. This can be as a short option to gain experience around practices, an opportunity to travel or as a lifestyle choice.

It is a process where the vet locum works in practices on short or sometimes long term placements that require extra staff to manage increased workload or cover holidays/sickness/staff shortages etc.

What are the Benefits of Locuming?

Are you a full time vet wanting to become a locum? Or are you a locum currently wanting join The Vet Service?

Locuming can be a very enjoyable and exciting direction in the veterinary industry. It can give great flexibility and balance to your life. You never know where you will be in 5 years time.

So maybe you are wanting to learn and experience other clinical practices, maybe you are frustrated in your permanent position and seeking a change. Maybe you want to earn a little bit more before you head off travelling or you might even just want to take things a bit easier for a while, it doesn’t matter. The options and the workload are there and we can help you filter through all the opportunities to find which one suits you best!

  • Work on your terms.
  • Work when you want.
  • Relax when you want.
  • Increase your Earnings.

Locations of Locum Veterinarian Jobs

Everywhere – the world is your oyster! Work as a locum in London City this Christmas and be in New Zealand for March, Melbourne for the Summer and maybe fly back to the Scottish Highlands for the Autumn.

If you don’t fancy travelling just as far there will be a huge range of locum options within a few miles drive of your home or even within your practice to help you with your work/life balance. Just speak to us today for a confidential discussion about the best way to find your happy spot.

Locum Vet Salary

Locum Earnings are classed as self employed earnings in many countries. They generally get paid at a higher rate of pay comparatively to a permanent position.

As a general guideline for daily shifts earnings for a locum vet surgeon can vary from roughly £300 per day in the UK to $400 per day in New Zealand. For your most up to date review of locum earnings for day, night or fixed term contracts please get in touch with one of our personal account advisors or register online today.


Work/Life Balance in Locum Vet Jobs

The Veterinary Industry is changing!
Never before have there been so many fantastic options for a career in this sector but also there are opportunities for you to fit your work around your life.

Do you want to reduce your working hours but still earn a comparatively good living wage? Are you a mother who enjoys her work but needs a few days each week to look after her kids? Part Time work, Flexible work, or even more work are all options for locums.

Locum Vet Insurance

Personal Liability Cover is so necessary as a locum as you will no longer be covered by the practice policies. You will have to pay for and sort your own personal insurance which can be costly (hence why you get paid higher!) – talk to us today about this.

Locum Veterinarian Accounting

Handling your money – one of the most important things when you are a locum – but something a lot of vets can find very challenging particularly at the start.

You will have to handle your personal finances but we can help you do this. There are 3 common routes of handling locum finances:

1- Sole Trader: You will invoice the place of work and use a named accountant. Our sister company Locum Vet Pay can handle any accounting setup and support including tax returns for locum veterinarians.

2- Limited company: For career locums this gives you the ability to manage your own company and reap some tax benefits.

3- Umbrella Company:

the umbrella service logoWhere another company will handle your finances and you do not need to worry about tax or PAYE. Our recommended sister company The Umbrella Service can help you with setting this up and any IR35 Compliance Issues.

The Vet Service can help you handle your finances and connect you with our recommended financial advisors who will be able to guide you through the most difficult of problems. – For interest in Sole Trader / Limited Company / Umbrella Company Finances feel free to contact us today.

What our clients say

“Locuming gave me such a great flexibility and I was able to take control of my own life, definitely the best decision I have ever made and I have not looked back since."