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Equine Vet Jobs in the UK & Abroad

Equine veterinary surgeons focus on the diagnosis and treatment of horses as well as routine daily care like vaccination and dentistry. They are a hugely important part of the veterinary support network, providing specialist support to horse owners.

Working either specifically with horses or in a mixed practice, working as an equine vet is a rewarding career choice that can include equine diagnostics, treatment and surgery, pre-purchase vettings, riding school health inspections and attendance at sporting events.

The Vet Service have equine vet jobs across the UK, but also provide an international service for vets looking to work with horses abroad, be it international vets looking to work in Britain or vise versa. Our specialist team can assist with registration, visa eligibility & advice, licensing, contracts & taxation, salary guidance and more.

We do not always list all of our equine vet vacancies on our site, so please speak to one of our specialist advisors today if you can’t see a job you like by contacting us or registering below.

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