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Veterinary Jobs in the UK

We have a range of Vet & Vet Nurse roles in the UK for you to search and explore.

At The Vet Service, we have a number of long-lasting relationships with our UK Vet practices, so whether you are a graduate or an experienced Vet there will be a job for you.

Whether Locum or Permanent, Clinical or Commercial, the options are wide ranging.

Locations are one of the most exciting things about the UK. Not only do you have many different areas, but you have 4 countries as well.

The UK is not just made up of London – you can have the opportunity to work anywhere in EnglandScotlandNorthern Ireland or Wales. From Belfast to Birmingham, Cardiff to Cheltenham there are so many places not to be missed.

We have Vet Jobs in practices across all these provinces in the UK. Some of our most popular cities for veterinary jobs in the UK include: – London– Manchester – Birmingham – Bristol – Newcastle – York – Cardiff – Glasgow – Edinburgh

These are just a few of the locations we offer, feel free to get in touch for the many more we offer!

Vet Salary United Kingdom

Salaries for UK veterinarians are comparatively good.

Vet surgeons can earn from £30k – £35k base salaries as new graduates which will quickly increase to £35 – £55k with experience and Clinical Director roles can command salaries of £55 – £70k.

There are other fantastic benefits possible with, CPD and further training often funded, relocation bonuses for Vets coming into the UK and insurance and registration fees covered.

Veterinary nurses in the UK can earn salaries from £22k – £36k depending on their role and progression.

Work/Life Balance

Whether you enjoy the hustle and bustle of big city life or are more of an outdoor adventurer the UK has a great range of options for finding a positive work/life balance.

London is a vibrant multicultural city with a higher cost of living but also comparatively high vet salaries. However, there are huge parts of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland that boast stunning scenery and a quieter pace of life – with the bonus that you’ll never be too far from the sea!

Working as a Vet can be stressful, with long hours and a pressurised environment that can lead to burnout. This is especially true if it is your first time working abroad as a Vet.

If you are feeling like your workload is getting too difficult to manage, there are several options when working in Great Britain. From cutting down hours with a part time or locum contract, or any other way we can help – The Vet Service can help find a healthy work/life balance.

Vet Surgeon Jobs: Consider the Legal Requirements

To practice as or represent yourself as a veterinarian in the UK you must be registered with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) London and hold a current practising certificate.

All applicants must satisfy the Council that they can communicate in and understand English to an appropriate standard for practising as a veterinarian in the UK.

Applicants whose first language is not English will be required to provide evidence of English competency by sitting and passing an approved English test to the required level.

UK Work Visa for Vets

Before you start work in the UK as a Vet or Vet Nurse, you need to ensure that you have an appropriate visa if you are not a UK citizen. Please contact the Department of Immigration in the UK for further information or speak to your personal Vet service account supervisor.

There are different options for permanent or working holiday visas in the UK. Here at The Vet Service, we can point you in the right direction for an appropriate Visa – register today and speak to our advisors.

Why Work as a Vet Surgeon in the UK?

  • There are thousands of veterinary practices throughout the UK. The number has steadily grown in the past decade, so there is an abundance of opportunities in practice with excellent graduate programmes for the larger corporate franchises.
  • Benefit packages in the UK can include some great options such as: accommodation provided; vehicle provided; continuous learning development; private health care and much more. NHS health care is free for UK nationals and foreign residents on a work visa to use.
  • There is a high demand for veterinary surgeons in the UK. The industry is being increasingly focused into specialisms within the separate sectors of farm, small and equine. There are a number of good mixed roles still available also.
What our clients say

“Very Efficient, everything happened far quicker than I expected, I have so much support in my job which was what I wanted – so I could not have asked for a better job really.”