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Specialist Veterinary Jobs

Specialist vet surgeons choose to concentrate on one of the thirty plus veterinary disciplines and are the equivalent of a medical consultant.

A specialist vet could focus on treating anything from pets, farm animals or horses, to wildlife and animals in captivity. Specialist disciplines include diagnostic imaging, pathology, anaesthesia, small animal surgery and animal behaviour offering vets the opportunity to become experts in their field.

To become a specialist veterinarian, a vet is usually required to undertake additional training once they’ve qualified and gained a degree.

Of course, by specialising in a chosen discipline within the veterinary industry you can command a higher salary for your services.

We have specialist vet roles around the world, and with veterinary specialists in demand you’ll have the pick of a whole host of countries including the USACanadaAustraliaNew ZealandIreland & the UK.

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