Graduate Vet Jobs


We imagine the past few years at vet school have been an interesting mix of challenging academic work, long hours and financial commitments.

However we understand that you have now reached a really exciting time in your career.

Some of us have been there and we’d like to help you take that next, very important, step.


Start your Vet Career Journey


Day one

The first day on the job is one of the hardest moments of your career, we can help you prepare for this.

The right job

Your first graduate vet job can set you up for a long and successful career, or it can really hinder or stress you. Tell us what you are looking for and what you need.

Support and assistance

Back up support is always on hand, this lets you focus on learning and being the best vet that you can be.

The Vet Service are with you every step of the way

Are you a vet student looking forward to what might happen after Graduation?
Register with us today and let's start preparing now.

From your first day after graduation things change. However we realise the complexities of this and how things will challenge you over the next few months & years.

The Vet Service strive to guide and assist all of our veterinary graduates. Our mentor program is unique. Many of us have been mentors in vet schools in the past and are active in discussing the challenges facing new graduates in veterinary practice today.

So no matter where you are from, we can help you find the right graduate vet job. Discuss your issues and let us signpost you in the right direction.
Remember; being a new graduate isn't all about how hard it is:

  • It's exciting.
  • It's stimulating.
  • It's challenging.
You never know where you will be in 5 years time.


New Graduate Veterinary Job Registration:

Register for our eligible new graudate jobs today. Lets get your veterinary career started! Good Luck!

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