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Veterinary Jobs Ireland

We have a range of Vet & Vet Nurse positions in Ireland for you to search and explore. At The Vet Service, we pride ourselves in our digital and personal relationships with our Irish Vet practices, so whether you are a new graduate or a seasoned Vet there will be the right position for you.

Locum or Permanent, Clinical or Commercial, the options are abundant and we can’t wait to help you find your perfect role.

Locations and an amazing social scene are 2 reasons why people live and work in Ireland. Work amongst the big city lights in Dublin or in rural Donegal with winding roads and cosy pubs.

We have Vet vacancies in all these provinces in Ireland:
– Leinster – Munster – Connacht – Ulster

Some of our most popular areas for Veterinary jobs in Ireland include:
– Dublin – Galway – Cork – Tipperary – Kilkenny

Please see our separate Northern Ireland vet jobs page for Ulster jobs.

Do not worry if your choice of destination is not included above; we have a huge number of positions across the country!

Vet Salary Ireland

Salaries can vary greatly.

Veterinary surgeons can earn from EUR€40K–€50K base salaries as new graduates which can increase to EUR€65K with experience. Clinical Director role salaries can be EUR€60K and above.

There are other fantastic benefits possible with, CPD, Relocation bonuses can be offered for vets coming into Ireland. If you are interested in relocating to Ireland please speak to one of our account supervisors by registering today.

Vet Nurses in Ireland can earn up to EUR€32K and then leading upwards if moving into managerial roles or commercial advisory positions.

Vet Surgeon Jobs Ireland: Work/Life Balance

The cost of living in Ireland is generally quite low with Vet Surgeon jobs well remunerated, meaning your salary can go further and you don’t have to burn yourself out working all hours.

Working in the Veterinary industry brings with it a number of pressures, and everyone should always try to make sure they manage their work/life balance.

If you are feeling overwhelmed in your current job or are having culture shock from moving to a new country, there are options available in the Ireland to manage your workload. From reducing working hours, to part time contracts or locum opportunities we can help find you the flexibility that you need.

Consider the Law Requirements to Practice Veterinary in Ireland

There are technically two countries in Ireland – Northern Ireland and the Republic Of Ireland – and both countries have a separate Veterinary Registration Department which you must be registered with to practice veterinary.

Northern Ireland:
To practice as or represent yourself as a Veterinarian in Northern Ireland you must be registered with the Royal College Of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) London and hold a current practising certificate. This is because Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom.

Republic Of Ireland:
To practice as or represent yourself as a veterinarian in the Republic Of Ireland you must be registered with the Veterinary Council Of Ireland (VCI) and hold a current practising certificate.

All applicants must satisfy both Councils that they:
can communicate in and understand English to an appropriate standard for practising as a Veterinarian in the UK. Applicants whose first language isn’t English will be required to provide evidence of English competency by sitting and passing an approved English test to the required level.

Please speak to a personal account supervisor at The Vet Service for further info by registering today.

Ireland Work Visa

Before you start work in Ireland, as a Vet or Vet Nurse, you need to ensure that you have an appropriate visa if you are not an Irish citizen in the Republic Of Ireland or a UK citizen in Northern Ireland. Please contact the Department of Immigration in the UK for further information or speak to your personal Vet service account supervisor.

There are different options for permanent or working holiday visas in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Here at The Vet Service, we can point you in the right direction for an appropriate Visa – register today and speak to our advisors.

Why Work as a Vet in Ireland?

  • Ireland has a lot to offer – whether you are a new graduate seeking that first mixed role or an experienced Vet pursuing that move up the ladder – there will be a position for you.
  • Ireland is easily accessible and being able to drive from top-to-bottom in 8 hours allows you to explore the scenic coastline and endless areas of outstanding natural beauty such as The Mourne Mountains, picturesque Galway and the rugged and windswept West Coast.
  • Ireland is famous for its cosy pubs (the best Guinness of course) and friendly people, as a Vet you’ll be at the heart of the local community. For those looking for livelier surroundings, Dublin is never too far away!
What our clients say

“Finding suitable work in Ireland was a challenge for me, I spoke with The Vet Service and now I am working where I want to be and in the role I had hoped for .”