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Vet Jobs in Australia

Australia has lots to offer for people in the Veterinary industry in terms of employment. The country is able to offer Vets, Vet Nurses and industry professionals a range of different roles including commercial roles in the farm, small or equine sectors as well as locum positions. Whether you are a graduate or more experienced there are many Vet jobs in Australia waiting for you.

What are the Most Popular Places for Vets to Work in Australia?

Australia is a huge continent so there is no shortage of places to work either. There are positions in the Veterinary industry from Melbourne to Sydney and right across from Brisbane to Perth.

We have Vet vacancies in all these provinces in Australia:
Sydney & New South Wales – Queensland – South Australia – Tasmania – Victoria – ACT – Northern Territory

We also have several other locations on our platform should your desired location not be listed above.

How Much Can Vets Earn in Australia?

Salaries for Australia Vets are good for the industry, with some great employment packages offering many opportunities for new training, bonuses and relocation expenses. New Veterinary surgeons in Australia usually earn AUD$60K-$75K + per year with experienced Veterinarians usually earning AUD$80K-$130K per year. Specialist roles can have a salary of AUD$130K-$150K.

Vet Nurse salary in Australia can range from AUD$40K–$70K.

What is the Work/Life Balance for Veterinarians in Australia?

Working in a Veterinary role and having a healthy balance of work and life is sometimes difficult. In Australia, the Veterinary industry is committed to making sure Vets do not get too burnt out because of their work. Of course, this is helped by the more laidback Australian lifestyle, with a big focus on outdoor living, whether it be surfing, sports or just relaxing on the beach!

Working hard is important but vet jobs can be stressful so it’s important to look after your physical and mental health. Lots of roles offer employees perks such as further education and more holidays than standard. For those of you looking for even greater flexibility, you may want to consider a locum Vet job in Australia.

Are Relocation Fees Available for Vets Moving to Australia?

Relocation fees may be something you have to save for, after deciding to make the move. At The Vet Service, we have many roles with Veterinary practices that cover these costs for you helping you to cut down on the initial costs involved in moving to a new country.

Relocation Packages can include one-off relocation payments, return flight costs, accommodation and/or vehicle provided, professional fees & further certificates paid, sponsored visas & immigration agent fees paid.

What are the Legal Requirements for Working as a Vet in Australia?

To practice as/or represent yourself as a Veterinarian in Australia you must be registered with the Australian Veterinary Association.

You must also be able to demonstrate that you can communicate in and understand English to an appropriate standard for practising as a Veterinarian in Australia. Applicants whose first language is not English will be required to provide evidence of English competency by sitting and passing an approved English test to the required level. For a full list of what degrees are accepted please contact one of our advisors at The Vet Service directly.

What are the Visa Requirements for Vets Working in Australia?

Before you start work in Australia, you need to ensure that you have an appropriate visa if you are not an Australian citizen. Please contact the Department of Immigration in Australia for further information. If you are aged between 18 and 35 years you may be eligible for a working holiday visa for Australia, this will depend on eligibility. Here at The Vet Service, we can point you in the right direction for an appropriate Visa.

With the Australian government acknowledging a skills shortage for home-grown veterinarians, there is a high demand for international candidates, helping to smooth the visa application process.

Why Work as a Vet in Australia?

  • There are many small animal opportunities – including specialist roles involving Australia’s unique wildlife. Real strong opportunities to progress your small animal career in any direction you wish – surgery/medicine/ECC etc
  • Large mixed clinics in the more rural, inland areas with great equine referral clinics for those who want to specialise in this area.
  • Beautiful country to live in – experience a wonderful year-round climate, outdoor adventure opportunities and friendly, laid-back people.
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