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Veterinarian Jobs in Detroit & Michigan State

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Vet Jobs in Detroit & Michigan State

Veterinarians are vital to how we look after our animals in society in domestic, agricultural and commercial settings. As a Michigan veterinary recruiter, we work with local vet clinics to find the best jobs for all our candidates.

Whether it's entry-level Associate Veterinarian job or high profile Medical Director roles, working as a vet in Michigan is almost a guarantee of an excellent salary, perks and working timetables.

As well as several jobs commanding a salary of over $100K,  enable you to see lots of different parts of the Michigan, in both rural and urban settings - with plenty of positions in cities such as Detroit, Grand Rapids City, Warren City and more.

Whether you prefer the stunning  Great Lakes or the hub and excitement of the cities, Michigan has something for you.

We do not always list all our currrent vacancies here so get in touch if you can't see what you need.

Want to see more job options? As well as veterinary jobs in the USA, we have work abroad possibilities such as vet jobs in Australia, veterinary jobs Canada, vet jobs New Zealand and vet jobs UK.

For further information for veterinarians working in Michigan regarding (if applicable), registration,  visa eligibility & advice, licensing, contracts & taxation, salary guidance and more detail about specific opportunities please contact our specialist advisors or registering below for all our latest vet job updates.

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Veterinary Jobs Detroit & Michigan State

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