RCVS announces 2018 vet surgeon honours.

We have announced the recipients of this year’s RCVS honours, including those who will be receiving the new Impact and Inspiration Awards. The new awards were introduced last year, with the Impact Award recognising veterinary surgeons at all stages of their career who are undertaking projects and initiatives that have a discernible impact on the profession and/or animal health and … Read More

FAVS Congress.

FAVS Congress The Vet students tell us why they keep going back to the FAVS Congress. What they learn and what they hope to achieve as they move from being a student into the working world. The Vet Service is a huge supporter of the Farm Animal Sector in the veterinary industry and wants to see it flourish. If you … Read More

Case Study: Vet Job in New Zealand

Vet Jobs NZ Vet Julia Nuttal describes to us what is like living and working in New Zealand. Julia, originally being from England, moved down to New Zealand initially for a “few years” and the experience but after quite an extensive time there she is now ready to settle and stay. She talks about how she loves her clinical work, … Read More

Veterinary women: past, present and future


VETERINARY WOMEN: PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE The gender balance of the veterinary profession has changed dramatically in the last 30 to 40 years and having once been very much in the minority, women now account for almost 60 % of practicing vets registered with the RCVS.1 This is a statstic which is likely to increase even further considering that almost … Read More

I.V.C. acquires 500th practice.

Independent Vetcare

So what is the corporisation of the veterinary industry? It has suddenly taken a major foothold. Independent Vetcare (IVC) said, in a record year, it had acquired its 500th practice “to become the UK’s market leader in veterinary care”. IVC Group built from a platform of just 20 practices in 2011 to Britain’s largest (numerical) practice group and now employs … Read More

Gender Pay Gap Still Exists in the Vet Profession!

Vet Profession

Two new surveys reported in the Vet Record   this week have revealed a gender pay gap of up to 36% in the UK veterinary profession. The first survey, which was conducted by CM Research, found that male veterinary surgeons get paid more across all levels and roles. Based on 2016-17 salary data collected from 810 vets across the UK, the survey showed … Read More

Bird flu prevention zone in England!

A bird flu prevention zone has been declared across the whole of England, Chief Veterinary Officer Nigel Gibbens has confirmed today. This means it is a legal requirement for all bird keepers to follow strict biosecurity measures. It comes as 13 dead wild birds were confirmed to have the virus in Warwickshire. Last week 17 wild birds tested positive in Dorset and … Read More

Being a Vet – Popular Girls Career Choice!

The BBC news reported: The findings are from a survey of 20,000 children by the Education and Employers careers charity. The results are to be presented to business leaders at Davos next week. The study asked primary school children, aged seven to 11, in 20 countries to draw pictures of the jobs they wanted to have when they grew up. Gender roles … Read More

#BreedtoBreathe Campaign

BVA encourages UK vets to join #BreedtoBreathe campaign New initiative aims to mount collective veterinary effort to help combat “normalisation and rise in popularity of brachycephalic features in dogs”. The BVA is urging practices to avoid using images of brachycephalic dogs across their communication channels. The BVA is appealing to UK vets to support its campaign to help stem the … Read More

A new Tb Test?

A unique test to detect diseases such as bTB and Johne’s disease, with the global potential to be worth “billions” of pounds, will be commercially available to UK veterinary laboratories from the end of November. The test, Actiphage, which is in the process of securing a worldwide patent, is based on advanced bacteriophage research conducted by Cath Rees, associate professor … Read More