Its not a Job, It’s a Career


£7m rural veterinary hub to be created

Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) and Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) have made a successful bid to create a new data-driven innovation centre for veterinary science in Inverness.
The European Regional Development Fund Scotland Programme 2014-2020 awarded £4.1 million to part-fund the development of a new rural veterinary hub within SRUC’s northern faculty.

Novel Skin Test Aiming to accelerate bTB control

The BCVA has given a cautious welcome to a new antigen skin test for the diagnosis of bTB that is claimed to “considerably improve on a century-old standard” and accelerate control of the disease.
Importantly, the new test is able to distinguish between infected cattle and those that have merely been vaccinated against the disease.

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It’s not a Job, It’s a Career
So – your job?

Almost half of all employees worldwide will change jobs in the next 2-3 years. A staggering thought for employers and employees out there in any industry – not just the veterinary sector.

One of the most popular comments from our business clients who are looking to hire quality staff is that they would ideally like them to stay for at least 2-3 years. Considering the rough statistics stated above chances seem to be very much 50:50 as to whether this will happen or not.

So what do people – both business directors and people trying to find the right job need to think about before taking that next permanent step? And what are the key points that we all need to think? (even here at The Vet Service)

Skill Set Recognition

Salary levels, bonuses, holidays – are always the buzz words we hear when speaking about a new job. Skill Set Recognition is however one of the most overlooked factors in any job process. Employers placing a new hire in a job role which does not complement their talents or abilities will almost certainly lead to the new hire leaving said job – but equally some new additions in the team need to be able to realise where they are strongest and where their talents lie. As not communicating this to the employer at an early stage will result in you taking a job that doesn’t fit. Here at The Vet Service we dedicate so much time to really ironing out what peoples talents really are and where they will fit best.

Positive Challenges

High achievers – and certainly vets, need daily stimulation. We would almost make a comparison to a very lively border collie dog – where without the continual stimulation and exercise of the mind they will become unruly and difficult to manage. It is up to the employer to really find a way to challenge their employees with what they have a passion for – and the results will be unbelievable.


This is at the core of all employment problems.

When a vet or vet nurse does not believe in the practice or work that they do every day – this leads to instant rejection of that job role. Both parties need to realise that people who are vets need to be given responsibility but also want to work hard to achieve that responsibility.

Collaboration not Competition

Individual Targets can be bad – but team targets can be a brilliant way to incentivise your group. If you are a vet in a busy practice you want to know that your work is not going unnoticed, and you certainly do not want to see someone else get more of a bonus than you do. Some employers build groups of teams of 4 or 5 members to achieve certain targets in the business and then reward the teams.

Work is only one part of life

When people speak about finding their dream job – they often really mean they want to find happiness both in their personal life and working life. Emotional well-being is now more documented than ever – but it gives us all a huge opportunity to grow. We always say here at The Vet Service – find 3 focus points not just one – so never only focus on your work as it will let you down some day aswell.
Our 3 things are: Work, Family and Surfing. (Surfing is the only which has not let us down yet!)

At The Vet Service we have our own personal and business problems like anyone else. We don’t think there is anyone on earth who would not say they would like more time off for higher pay.

However – we are seriously invested in both our own skill sets and our software systems to deliver the ideal roles for people looking for jobs in the veterinary sector and for businesses hiring.

And the best question to ask yourself:

Why do you do what you do?

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