How Easy Is It to Change From Being a Vet Nurse to a Vet?

by Dr Becky Nicholson MRCVS The switch If you’re working as a Registered Veterinary Nurse (RVN) and the idea of being a veterinarian tempts you, or aspects of being a nurse frustrate you, switching from nurse to vet could be an obvious move. A career change doesn’t have to mean a new industry. So, how easy is it to make … Read More

What Countries Have a Shortage of Vets? Is it Easy to Get a Job?

by Dr Holly Anne Hills MRCVS Veterinary surgeons are in demand in every corner of the globe. The pandemic has prompted a boom in pet ownership and dramatic staff shortages, as well as forcing travel to a halt. With fewer veterinarians emigrating, vet practices globally are even thinner on the ground. Other political factors, such as Brexit, have also left … Read More