5 Exotic Destinations Where Vets Can Find Jobs

Exotic vet working destinations

Ever dreamt about travelling the world whilst earning a living? Having a veterinary qualification can give you the opportunity to live and work anywhere you like.

There are lots of great opportunities for vets in the UK, Ireland, the USA and Canada but if you’re after something a little more exotic, there are a host of off-the-beaten-track opportunities out there for you.

Destinations where vets can get jobs

1. India and Sri Lanka

India and Sri Lanka are typically associated with volunteer work such as neutering clinics, but there are many paid opportunities in private clinics and charities. India and Sri Lanka’s workload predominantly consists of working with street dogs, but many clinics also treat pets, offering all the usual care.

With rich and diverse culture, India and Sri Lanka have a lot to offer. From the snowy mountains to the bustling cities and the stunning beaches, there is something for everyone!

2. Australia

The ultimate tropical destination, Australia is a really great place to find veterinary work. There are several private clinics offering high standards of care, and excellent pay as well. With Australia’s rich wildlife, there may also be opportunities to work with some more exotic species.

Australia offers a rich culture, a relaxed lifestyle, outdoor living, and beautiful weather – plenty to keep you busy at the weekends!

3. Hong Kong

Offering the best of city living and beautiful beaches and islands, Hong Kong is another great destination for vets, where standards of care are high. If you’re looking for a base to explore other parts of Asia, or simply want to enjoy living in a busy city with stunning countryside right on your doorstop, Hong Kong might be the place for you!

It’s not just small animal vets that can find work in Hong Kong – horse racing is a popular sport there, so if horses are your thing, you could gain some invaluable experience at one of the cities many racetracks!

4. New Zealand

New Zealand is another popular destination for  vets looking for a more laid-back lifestyle and diverse climate, from snowy winters to hot summers. Small animal clinics are busy and offer high standards of care.

City living, stunning beaches, and a host of outdoor sporting options such as surfing, skiing and mountain climbing are there to be enjoyed when you aren’t at work, meaning New Zealand is a great choice for most vets seeking a different way of life!

new zealand vet jobs


5. Caribbean

What better place to enjoy a slow-paced life than the Caribbean? The ultimate destination for those that love year-round sunshine, beaches, and a vibrant culture. It’s not just all beaches and cocktails – there are veterinary clinics on many of the islands throughout the Caribbean, treating all sorts of species.

A relaxed and laid-back culture, year-round warm weather and a demand for veterinary care makes the Caribbean not just a great holiday destination, but a great work destination too!

Travelling vs Moving

Not quite sure you want to fully commit to a big move overseas? A permanent move abroad can be a big and daunting commitment, whereas travelling for short periods can be a really great way to not only see the world, but also a fantastic way to gain veterinary experience and grow as a professional.

Many overseas jobs are available on short term contracts, so you can ‘try before you buy’. And if you are wanting to move on and explore somewhere new, or the move away from home simply doesn’t work out for you, there are no ties.

But if you’re set on the move and are looking for something longer term, permanent and longer contracts are widely available. Your new employer may be flexible regarding how long you want to stay.

How to Find a Job Abroad

Salaries can vary around the world and are in line with local costs of living. Make sure you check out whether accommodation is included with the job or not, and whether assistance is provided for your move – many clinics can offer relocation packages and even cover the cost of visas and licenses.

The Vet Service can help you with your job search – with positions in a huge range of exotic countries around the world. Register today and our expert team will get to work finding you a job right away!

A few things to consider before you work abroad as a vet:

Legal Requirements

When moving or travelling abroad to work, making sure you’re legal is a top priority. Check well in advance whether you need to obtain specific licenses to practice as a vet, or to work with exotic or marine species.

Many countries will require you to have a visa – make sure you travel on the correct visa to enable you to work and live for the required amount of time. Visa application processes can be lengthy and rigorous, so allow plenty of time, and make sure you have all the necessary paperwork – errors in the application can cause long delays!

Many veterinary clinics and charities will be happy to assist overseas staff throughout the process. The Vet Service can also help with your legal requirements such as visas and work permits.


Working in parts of the world that are slightly more exotic can present a very different set of health risks than you are used to at home. Make sure you find out what vaccinations you might need by speaking to your health care provider. It’s particularly important as a vet to make sure you are vaccinated against rabies, as it is endemic in many countries.

Tempted Yet?

If you’re thinking of heading somewhere exotic to work, hopefully this article has given you some inspiration, as well as covered some of the questions you might have about logistics.

As vets we are incredibly lucky to be able to take our skills anywhere in the world, earn a living, and travel all at the same time. So why wait, your next adventure could be waiting for you somewhere you least expect it!


The Vet Service offer positions all around the world, take a look at our  our current roles across the worldGet in touch today to see how we can progress your vet career!

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