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Locum Veterinary Jobs UK & Ireland


Frustrated in your current position? Looking for a better work/life balance? Want more pay and less work? Nevertheless at The Vet Service we can help anyone who is interested in becoming a Locum Veterinary and ease the financial and legislative worries that comes with it!


Work you own hours.


Set your own holidays.

Increased Earnings

Higher Pay Rates per hour.

The Vet Service can help you locum

Are you a full time vet wanting to become a locum? Or are you a locum currently wanting to join the Vet Service?

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Locuming can be a very enjoyable and exciting direction in the veterinary industry. However it can give great flexibility and balance to your life. You never know where you will be in 5 years time. So maybe you are wanting to learn and experience other clinical practices, maybe you are frustrated in your permanent position and seeking a change. Maybe you want to earn a little bit more before you head off travelling or you might even just want to take things a bit easier for a while, it doesn’t matter. The options and the workload are there and we can help you filter through all the opportunities to find which one suits you best!

  • Work on your terms.
  • Work when you want.
  • Relax when you want.
Locum Veterinary Jobs

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