Where Can Vets Work?

Where can you work in 2019 in the veterinary industry?

So 2019 is off with a blast but what are your options in 2019 as someone working in the veterinary industry.

There is certainly a changing climate within the industry at the moment. Over the past few years, we have seen a huge drive amongst vets to find more flexible working hours so that they can find a more balanced lifestyle whether that is in a locum or permanent contract setting.

Contract Types:

  • Locum Shifts
  • Longer term Locum Contracts
  • Fixed Termed Contracts
  • Permanent Contracts

But along with this people are realising that the veterinary industry is truly international and are adapting to suit this.

Locations to work:

We have found vets becoming more fluid in not only their working hours but also their locations with some vets now being able to work in a number of different countries in the same year and still find time to go home.

So what are the options out there?

Popular areas now for locum or travel work are:

  • UK / Ireland
  • New Zealand
  • Australia

Canada is also an increasingly sought after place for veterinary work.

Before you think about moving or working/traveling we always advise you to think one thing:

Why are you doing this:

  • Work/life balance?
  • Value – not finding enough value in your work?
  • Stress – is there too much pressure on you right now?
  • Or is it simply to just travel!

Here at The Vet Service, there are so many options and we have a software platform to deliver a work type which suits you where you want it with experienced support staff to make sure nothing out of the ordinary happens.

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