Whats On Offer? Locum Shifts, Perm Jobs & E-Learning

Whats On Offer? Locum Shifts, Perm Jobs & E-Learning

So here we are at the end of 2019 – and what a year it has been in the veterinary industry. I’m sure everyone will safely say they had their own personal ups and downs, some facing more challenges than others, but we do really believe that the collective spirit and support that can be found within the industry can be second to none at times.

But as we look back at 2019 here at The Vet Service, it is with great honour and belief that 2020 and beyond is set to be a as memorable as 2019.


Locum Shifts and Perm Vet Jobs Internationally:

We have been delighted to continue servicing so many of our clients worldwide from Northern Ireland to New Zealand, Birmingham to Brisbane, The Scottish Highlands to the Canadian Rockies.

But – Do you actually know what all of our services on offer actually are?


We are Digital:

  • Software and Algorithms – producing the jobs or options you need.
  • Personal – Technology is still combined with the personal touch of our informative advisors who you can speak to at any time.


Locum Options:

  • Odd Shifts
  • Short Weeks / Months
  • Longer Term Temporary Contracts
  • Maternity Contracts

Check out how to work in Locum Vet Jobs here at any time.


Permanent Options:

  • New Graduate Roles
  • Junior Veterinary Assistant Positions
  • Experienced Assistant Positions
  • Clinical Directorships
  • Partnership Opportunities




  • Small
  • Farm
  • Equine
  • Mixed


With a host of independent and corporate options available there has never been a better time to find a flexible role which suits your needs in the veterinary industry with The Vet Service.


A Commercial Role in Industry you say?

We have a host of options for those who want to move into the commercial sector in a sales or technical capacity – Confidential discussions can be had on a personal level at any time.



We were honoured to have Fiona Mcfarland BVSc MRCVS join the team this year to head up our launch of a clinically focused, e-learning webinar platform. With a host of internationally recognised speakers from Professor Emeritus Ed Hall to Deputy Principal of the RVC, Professor David Church to lead our speaker panel this has been a resounding success. Upcoming topics covering everything from small, farm, equine and business be sure to tune in next year.


Our E-Learning Webinar Platform is focused on being:

  • Cost Effective
  • Flexible (Archived Recordings available – so you can watch on demand at any time)
  • Expert – Only the top speakers from across the world on your doorstep.

Check out our upcoming vet webinars on our dedicated webpage.


Merry Christmas:

So with all the successes this year and so many personal stories from the vets and vet nurses out there who we have helped round the world (check out our social media for testimonials and some cool picts!) we look back on 2019 with huge satisfaction and poignant reflection.


Therefore we can’t wait for 2020 – and all that is left to say is Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!


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