Ireland – Want to work as a vet there?

Ireland has a lot to offer – whether you are a new graduate seeking that first mixed role or an experienced vet pursuing that move up the ladder – we have many different options. Ireland is easily accessible and being able to drive from top-to-bottom in 8 hours allows you to explore the scenic coastline and endless areas of outstanding natural beauty. If there is a spare seat, we wouldn’t mind coming along for the drive also?!

Northern Ireland?? Republic of Ireland??

It is important to note the legal differences between working in Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland. When working in Northern Ireland you must be registered with the RCVS (Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons) and in the Republic of Ireland, the VCI (Veterinary Council Ireland). Once you’re registered and good to go, there are many opportunities for you to choose from, be it small, mixed, large, locum or permanent.


We are always on hand to help with any registration woes. Both VCI and RCVS registration can be applied for online initially and is concluded by a meeting at the premises in Dublin and London respectively. Speak to us at any time for help on how to register. Applicants must be able to satisfy that a proficient level of English and be able to supply all accompanying documents, including English transcripts if applicable.

What sort of package is on offer?

Salaries and packages for Vets in Ireland are good considering the cost of living can be much cheaper than the UK mainland. New graduates can expect to earn anywhere from £23,000-£30,000 / €28,000-€40,000 while an experienced Vet can exceed £45,000 or €50,000. Vehicles and accommodation can often be provided, discarding any worries of rent with additional benefits including large CPD allowances, insurance cover and pensions.

Work / Life Balance?

Work/life balance is becoming ever more important in the Veterinary industry. While working hard to improve your skills and provide a great service is important, it is vital to look after yourself both mentally and physically. Here at The Vet Service, we can provide you with that balance you desire. If you are travelling to work in Ireland and wish for extra time off for additional travel, that is something we can help you with. Locum opportunities will also provide you with varying lengths of contract and offers different levels of flexibility.
On your time off, Ireland offers something for everyone. The coastline is often easily accessible, cities are never too far away and long country walks/cycles are never ending. You will come across a lot of what Ireland has to offer!

Do I need a visa?

Before you come to Ireland, it will be worthwhile looking into whether you need a Visa. Currently, UK and EU citizens do not need a Visa to work in Ireland, but if you are in any doubt please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our team are always on hand to offer advice.

Check out our many locum and permanent roles in Ireland and worldwide here and if you require more information please do not hesitate to get in touch at [email protected] or speak with our specialist Ireland Consultant Maurice at [email protected]