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Although it might be 1 week it on we just wanted to say a massive thank you to Ebony Escalona, Founder of the Vets Stay Go Diversify facebook group for hosting the VSGD Live Event last weekend at codenode in London.

It was a truly inspirational conference seeking to support and confront many of the issues in some people are facing in the veterinary industry today.

Workshops and small group talks enabled some of those people to really discuss their problems on a one to one scale hear opinions of others who may have been in the same situation.

The Vet Service are delighted that the event was a success and look forward to much more in the future as the support network grows and grows.

If you have any questions or concerns about the job role you are in feel free to contact us today for advice on:

[email protected]

or register for your vet jobs updates.

There are a huge number of diverse opportunities available in the industry as the VSGD Live event showed, from permanent vet roles, to part time, locum roles or even a range of other opportunities in industry or associated companies. Find some of your perfect vet jobs today.


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