Case Study: Vet Job in New Zealand

Vet Jobs NZ

Vet Julia Nuttal describes to us what is like living and working in New Zealand.

Julia, originally being from England, moved down to New Zealand initially for a “few years” and the experience but after quite an extensive time there she is now ready to settle and stay.

She talks about how she loves her clinical work, has been “married” off to a local dairy farmer and thoroughly enjoys every minute of it.

There are hard times which she does touch on in a very sensitive account that the biggest problem about living on the other side of the world is not being near family.

Still, the opportunites and experience she has had are endless so whether you want to experience new zealand only for a season and return home or make a life down there there is the possibility for both.

The Vet Service have extensively experienced advisors in international veterinary work, job opportunities and visa legioslation.

Our advice is FREE and you can contact us anytime should you wish to enquire about making the move temporarily or permanently.

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Vet Jobs NZ


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