5 Exotic Destinations Where Vets Can Find Jobs

Exotic vet working destinations

Ever dreamt about travelling the world whilst earning a living? Having a veterinary qualification can give you the opportunity to live and work anywhere you like. There are lots of great opportunities for vets in the UK, Ireland, the USA and Canada but if you’re after something a little more exotic, there are a host of off-the-beaten-track opportunities out there … Read More

Why Choose to Work as a Vet in the UK?

white cliffs of dover

If you’ve got a veterinary degree and you’re looking to travel, you might be wondering about becoming a vet in the UK. Working as a vet in the UK can be incredibly rewarding. There’s a lot to see and do, and lots of different areas to explore. So, what does working as a vet in the UK involve? Daily life … Read More

What Does a Vet Job Involve?

Being a vet can be an extremely rewarding career. It takes years of hard work and commitment to achieve a degree in veterinary medicine. You will qualify being able to treat farm, equine and companion animals. Once you have the degree, it opens the door to a great variety of possible careers. So, whether you are at secondary school considering … Read More

Should you Consider a Job as a Government Vet?

government vet jobs

Dr. Hannah Godfrey BVetMed MRCVS Times are changing… These days, the possible career options available to the holder of a veterinary degree have never been so broad and diverse. Whilst the challenges and rewards of clinical practice are still enjoyed by many, it is far from the only choice. But have you considered being a government vet? And are you … Read More

How to Improve your Salary as a Vet

how to improve vet salary

By Rebecca MacMillan BVetMed MRCVS In the veterinary profession, we work hard and expect to be fairly compensated for this. Some practices are better than others at reviewing their employees pay regularly, others need a little nudge. This article explores some of the steps you can take to boost your salary. Increase your value If you are wanting to negotiate … Read More

How to Work Abroad as a Vet

New Zealand to practice veterinary

by Dr Holly Anne Hills MRCVS Veterinary professionals are privileged to have a set of transferable skills that are highly sought after all around the world, and your veterinary training can open the door to a whole range of opportunities. Whatever it is that draws you towards adventure, making the move abroad is a big decision, and requires significant research … Read More

Should I Work as a Corporate or Independent Vet?

poodle dog

By Dr Sarah-Jane Molier MRCVS Whether you are a new graduate just embarking on your career, or a seasoned vet looking for a change, you may well be wondering whether to choose an independent or a corporate practice. Corporate practices were born in 1999, when the legislation restricting practice ownership was relaxed. Non-vets could become practice owners for the first … Read More

Vet Practice Career not for you? Here are your Options…

YVN NI CPD Day 2019, Belfast

A surprising number of vets work hard through school and veterinary school, only to pop out at the other side and find themselves no longer wanting to be a vet. Many will start their career in practice and get to a couple of years in before realising veterinary medicine isn’t what they thought it would be. Sound familiar? So, what … Read More

How to Improve your Employability as a Vet

How to improve your Employability as a Vet

Whether it’s your first vet job after graduating or a more experienced position, you want it to be the perfect role for you at that stage of your career. Find out how you can improve your employability with our top tips to landing your dream job in the veterinary industry… Think about what employers are looking for… So, you can … Read More

How to Succeed on your EMS Placement

You’ve already completed many weeks of Animal Health EMS (AHEMS), so you know the drill- but now it’s time for Clinical EMS (CEMS) and that’s another thing entirely! But don’t worry! We’ve got the lowdown on how to ace your EMS placement! Finding a good EMS placement Finding a good placement can make all the difference to how much you … Read More