New Zealand – want to work as a vet there?

New Zealand has so much to offer. Before we even talk about the unbelievable scenery, the top end veterinary and the really relaxed working lifestyle we would mention that the cost of living can be relatively low and there is no end of places to explore both in the country and cities. Some of our very own team here at The Vet Service have lived and worked for years in New Zealand and they could not praise it highly enough!

So New Zealand?

It is important to note that there is a very varied style of veterinary work across New Zealand. From Out Of Hours Private Hospitals in the city to some mixed practice settings in the more rural areas. There is obviously a booming Farm and Dairy Industry in New Zealand for any budding farm vets but for any small, equine or mixed vets there are plenty of opportunities there as well. One thing we would mention is that depending on location there may be some OOH requirement even in small animal jobs – but this can often be more relaxed than what vets in other countries may know as Out Of Hours – so don’t worry – we will keep you well informed of how much work you would have to
Once you’re registered with us here at The Vet Service and good to go, there are many opportunities
for you to choose from, be it small, mixed, large, locum or permanent.


We are always on hand to help with any registration woes. NZVA registration is usually straight forward but there can be issues from time to time – our advisors will be able to walk you through the process.
One point to note – Applicants must be able to satisfy that a proficient level of English and be able to supply all accompanying documents, including English transcripts if applicable.

What sort of package is on offer?

Salaries and packages for Vets in New Zealand are good considering the cost of living can be much lower than other countries. Sometimes when compared to other countries the salaries may seem lower but remember due to the currency exchange and once you are in New Zealand this will change – we guarantee you, you will have a competitive salary for the country.
New graduates can expect to earn anywhere from NZD$60,000-$75,000 while an experienced Vet can exceed NZD$80,000 and even go as high as $120,000.
Vehicles and accommodation can often be provided, discarding any worries of rent with additional benefits including large CPD allowances, insurance cover and pensions. Relocation costs including flights can be placed in contracts.
Total Benefits packages worth up to NZD$10-15,000 above base salaries.

Work / Life Balance?

New Zealand is renowned for its work/life balance!
Ever wanted to be finished work by 3.30/4pm and heading off for a fun evening of activities or a few beers? You will always find room to do this in New Zealand.

Here at The Vet Service, we can provide you with that balance you desire in New Zealand in your next permanent job or Locum opportunity. Locum options will also provide you with varying lengths of contract and offer different levels of flexibility.
In some areas you can go surfing and skiing all in the one day.

Do I need a visa?

Before you come to New Zealand, it will be worthwhile looking into whether you need a Visa. Pretty much unless you are a New Zealand citizen you will need a visa, but if you are in any doubt or need visa advice, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our team are always on hand to offer advice.
Check out our many locum and permanent roles in New Zealand and worldwide here and if you
require more information please do not hesitate to get in touch at [email protected] or speak with our specialist New Zealand Consultant Hollie at [email protected]

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