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Mental Health Awareness Week 2018!

Here at the end of the mental health awareness week 2018 The Vet Service have joined up with Stacey Blease from to showcase the 3 points that we believe are most vital in coping with stress and mental wellbeing.

Everyone in the profession or in any walk of life have to deal with daily problems and stressors. The question is whether we are just surviving from day to day or if we can really turn our thoughts and feelings on their head and help us and everyone around us to thrive.

Anxiety and Stress is such a common thing now that we are aware of it but dealing with it is so much harder. The long hours of work, the intensity of peoples work and sometimes the lack of rewards at the end can make it difficult to cope.

Stacey give us 3 small nuggets of information to think on and digest on how to cope with stress in our everyday lives:

NUMBER 1 – Talking – Relieve anxiety and strengthen relationships

NUMBER 2 – Sleeping – get enough sleep to increase confidence and decision making

NUMBER 3 – Exercise – getting a break and being out in nature to socialise with like minded people.


If you would like to discuss stress in the workplace more or how to cope with stressors please contact The Vet Service today on [email protected] and we can help direct you in the right direction.

Life can be good so lets try to live it to the full.

The Vet Service Team.


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