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London Vet Show are delighted to be exhibiting at the London Vet Show 2019. 


We look forward to bringing our Digital Job Platform for locum and permanent jobs to the exhibition.

So what can you find?

  • Locum Shifts and Permanent Jobs in the Uk / Ireland
  • Work and Travel? find all your locum and vet job needs around the world.
  • Where? New Zealand / Australia / Canada / Qatar
  • CPD – both attendance and webinar based

Practices – this is an easy to use simple job posting service.

– Just follow this link:

Vets – Free to use

– keep all your own money – Work when and where you want.


You can look forward to our series in the run up to London Vet Show covering everything from Locuming in the UK Market to making that jump and working in New Zealand. But to start with – have you ever wanted to work abroad?

New Zealand working as a vet!

Making the leap to practice Veterinary medicine in another country, away from the familiarities of home life can be a once in a lifetime journey of self-discovery.  Providing a service to clients in another part of the world can be very beneficial step to develop yourself on a personal and professional level.


  • Fantastic travel opportunities.
  • Learn new skills.
  • New cultural experiences.
  • Make new friends.
  • New adventures.
  • Pushing yourself to achieve your dreams and face your fears.
  • Self-empowerment.
  • Accomplish the unknown.



  • To be confident in adapting to an unknown environment of both medicine and differing regulations.
  • Placing yourself outside your comfort zone.
  • Being independent.
  • Moving away from friends and family whilst establishing a new personal network abroad.

Lake and Mountain

Where to start

There is a shortage of qualified vets in the beautiful scenic country of New Zealand meaning there are lots of opportunities there for vets of all disciplines.  To register as a Vet in New Zealand you must meet the requirements and have a degree from a recognised university or have sat an exam from a recognised Vet Registration body. (Veterinary Council of New Zealand; Australasian Veterinary Boards Council; Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons; American Association of Veterinary State Boards; American Veterinary Medical Association; Canadian National Examining Board)

The Vet Service can help you find your dream job abroad and assist you every step of the way from initial placement to guidance on Visas and Registration.

There are a variety of working options whether a short-term working holiday or a long-term permanent position. This can be tailored to you.

Some practices may offer relocation packages to assist with travel, however, it is recommended to consider the financial impact of relocation, flights etc.

Depending on what length of time you are working and depending on what age you are will depend on what type of visa you will require. There are two main options:

  • Working Holiday Visa – This is fairly simple process allows you to work and travel for up to a year or sometimes two without too many costs and paperwork involved. Although this visa limits you to working up to 6 months in one job and there is an age limit, most of the time you have to be under 30 or 35 years old depending on your country of origin.


  • Longer term work Visa – This visa allows you to work for a certain employer for a longer period of time >1 year up to 5 years depending on which visa you apply for. This visa process can take a bit longer (estimate 2-3 months or more) to gather the various documents required. Some of these requirements are as follows: an offer of employment; police certificates; medical certificates; notarized degree documents etc. We can help advise and direct you on where to start your visa process.

But this is just the basics – For full details on job opportunities you can register today:

Vet Jobs New Zealand

Contact us for further discussions on Visas and Travel.

[email protected]

Or See us at our Stand – G55 at London Vet Show to discuss locuming, travelling and working or any other job issue that you may have.

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