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Pay? The Big Question:

This varies on experience, skill set, practice, location and what you want to charge also. Here at we offer free regional and job specific guidelines on rates and  we are always on hand to discuss.

But basic rates currently are around:

Day Shift (eg. 9am-6pm): £230-300 / €250 – 350 / $ 380 – 500 NZ

Per Hour: £20-30

OOH shift: £100-£1000 (depending on length)

As stated these are basic rates and can vary accordingly but are a good guideline to start with. does offer a rate/salary negotiating service to make sure fair pay is delivered at all times for both the practice and the locum.

You can discuss any pay rates for jobs with us at anytime and all conversations will remain confidential.

International rates do vary depending on currency and market standards at the time but we will always be on had to advise accordingly.

A locum can work off a shift or hourly rate but always remember to agree a start and finish time. is well placed to advise any vet locum on pay rates in different practices or area as the market changes and fluctuates. You can connect with us digitally at anytime to get further information on this.

What is a shift?

This is the start and finish time for when you will work. e.g. 9am-6pm.

This will also include what your responsibilities include and what the practice expects from you.

For example – do they expect you to take sole charge of a small branch practice for a day – if so, then you will be there by yourself. So watch out.

Veterinary Jobs all available all over the industry.

How do i get paid?

After your agreed period of work this will depend on if you are a sole trader, limited company or otherwise.

Your accountant will advise best on this. can provide adequate invoices to use and for further financial information our recommended partner accountants outline an easy financial process which we will outline in our next financial article. If you would like further information now – please contact us at [email protected]

Example: If you are a Sole Trader-  you will invoice the practice on a monthly basis for your services.

Most payment is sent by online transfer. Your account details should be supplied at the bottom of your invoice.


If necessary, accommodation will often be provided by the practice. If not then you may need to find and book your own. Most practices may recommend somewhere close by or provide a nightly allowance. Make sure to keep receipts for your end of year tax return.


Some practices may provide you with a work vehicle if necessary, or if you are using your own during work you may choose to charge an additional mileage fee of e.g. £0.45/mile to cover fuel  and running costs.

–       Always remember to record miles to and from work for your end of year tax return.

Where do I get drugs and equipment?

Practices should provide this. However it may be a good idea to gather a few bits and bobs together depending what type of practice you are working in.

small animal: 

  • thermometer
  • stethoscope
  • pens/permanent markers
  • maybe a name badge…
  • Scrub tops

Farm animal:

  • thermometer
  • stethoscope
  • waterproof coveralls/wellies
  • disinfectant, bucket and brush
  • scissors/hemostats
  • head torch
  • halter
  • casting rope
  • it may be beneficial if you like to use clippers  to get some of your own

The locum world is an extrememly rewarding and helpful sector of the veterinary industry but it can sometimes be challenging to get started because of the financial and insurance issues. We are always on hand to help with vet jobs.

For further information please contact on [email protected]for a confidential discussion.

For more Locum Vet Jobs info contact us today.


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