Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

A Personal Message:
From Ed Taylor BVMS MRCVS

Coronavirus will affect us all.

Whether it affects our own personal health, the health of someone we know or our financial
situations, we will all be touched in some way by this disease.

This disease has even affected us at The Vet Service not only with members of our team experiencing
wider issues with members of their families but also at an economic level, it has affected so many
businesses and jobs within this fantastic veterinary industry and too many other industries to count.

I personally find myself worrying not only about the potential monumental consequences of the
health risks which will challenge my family, in particular my father who suffers from heart failure, the
risks to our own team here at The Vet Service whom I value with the highest regard, and my
businesses both within the veterinary and agricultural sectors. Further I cannot help but notice the
wider effect that this disease is having not only on the health and economic issues amongst our
veterinary colleagues but also the wider population’s income and the jobs they so dearly love.

This is indeed the test of our generation.

However, we are still standing, the veterinary industry is still standing and we are still here to help.

The Vet Service Recommendations:

Health Issues:
In line with what current advice is as of today (30.3.20) make sure you:

1) Going Outside – Only leave your home for food, health reasons or work (if you cannot work
from home)
2) 2 metres apart – Stay this far away from other people.
3) Wash your hands – as soon as you get home.

Complete advice can be found on this link:

Speak with your families and close friends regularly but do not visit them.

Keep a close eye on any symptoms – and look after yourself. No matter if you have all the worries in
the world if you do not currently look after your own health the consequences could be devastating.

Economic / Financial Issues:
We are currently on course for the worst economic crisis since the World War and indications show
that the forthcoming recession may even be worse than then.

However, take time to make a plan, we preach planning and strategy here at The Vet Service but in
recent weeks we have even found ourselves being caught up in the chaos that has ensued.
But pause for a minute, take a breath and sit down.

This our current recommendations:

1) Tea – make a cup of tea and sit down (at home!) for a minute.
2) Budget – Assess a budget for the next 3 MONTHS – this is the initial period that suggestions
indicate that our economy will be disrupted.
This includes assessing the following:
– Fixed Costs – Mortgages / Rent – do look into a mortgage holiday if necessary
– Extra Costs – Remove ALL extra unnecessary costs
3) Talk – If you do not have spare cash – speak to your family and bank now. Do not leave it
until later.

Even speak to one of our advisors or our specialist accountancy provider Neil. We can point you in
the right direction of accredited banking and loan facilities if necessary.

Veterinary Industry Employment Outlook:

Short Term (the next 3 months):
– Work in general is going to be restricted
Locums – Temporary Workers at any level will more than likely not be required for
ongoing work for at least another 3 months. (Subject to lengthen if current disease
restrictions are not successful).
OPTIONS: Budget Well / Loans / Find alternative work / Check for available locum shifts
Are you a Sole Trader , Limited Company or Umbrella Company Locum ? – dependant
on how your money is processed will affect your options massively in the current climate
and what govt. benefits may be available to you. Speak to our team asap.
Permanent Vets – If you are seeking a change in job – as it stands veterinary businesses
will be open to interviewing again in around 1-2 months via video meetings initially.
However new contracts will likely be deferred again for around at least 3 months. (Again
this is subject to change)
OPTIONS – Keep an eye out for jobs and opportunities may start presenting themselves
again over the coming months if the govt is successful in curtailing coronavirus.
Furloughed Vets – If you have been furloughed and you are worried about the genuine
long term security of your job in the business you are currently in speak to our team as
soon as possible.

Speak to one of our advisors today on ongoing locum work or your next permanent opportunity as
they will be able to give you a more in depth, real time guidance of the current situation in your

Long Term:
Lets get over the next 3 months first!


Mental Health:
This is completely vital during the current circumstances and particularly if you are self isolating by
– Speak with Friends and Family
– Exercise – make sure you get your 1 walk a day outside.
– Learn – make sure you read or stimulate yourself whether it is fiction or catching up on
all those veterinary subjects you wanted to learn more about for the past few years!

For further information or help please speak to one of our team here at The Vet Service as soon as

Stay Safe.

What digital and personal services are available to you today:


  • Vet Jobs Worldwide  – Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK and many more.
  • Veterinary Webinars – Check out the most flexible on demand digital learning available to you with veterinary experts from all over the world.
  • Locum Vet Jobs – Small, Large and Mixed jobs for a few days, weeks, or months.


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