#BreedtoBreathe Campaign

BVA encourages UK vets to join #BreedtoBreathe campaign

New initiative aims to mount collective veterinary effort to help combat “normalisation and rise in popularity of brachycephalic features in dogs”.

The BVA is appealing to UK vets to support its campaign to help stem the sale of “cute” brachycephalic breeds driven through big brand advertising and image-obsessed celebrities.

As part of the #BreedtoBreathe campaign, the BVA is urging practices to avoid using images depicting dogs with brachycephalic conformation across their own communication channels.

Cute but not curable:

Vets are also being asked to use the letter template, provided as part of the #BreedtoBreathe toolkit, to individually reach out to brands using brachycephalic breeds in their communications in a collective effort to help combat the normalisation and rise in popularity of these extreme features.

BVA president John Fishwick said: “Several well-known brands that use images of flat-faced dogs, such as Costa Coffee, Heinz and Comic Relief, have responded positively to letters from the BVA and individual members of the profession, and pledged to avoid using them in future campaigns.

“These seemingly small victories offer hope for greater and long-lasting change.”

Vets will play a Critical Role:

Mr Fishwick continued: “While the veterinary profession is relatively small, its reach is significant and its role is critical to the health and welfare of not only animals, but the rest of society, too.

“That is why we believe it is important for the veterinary team to use its spheres of influence both online and offline, which includes avoiding mixed messages between what clients and the wider public are being told by vets and VNs in practice, and what they were seeing in practice communications.

“We’re urging vets to continue speaking out on behalf of the animals we swear an oath to protect, since we know hearing first-hand from individual members of the vet-led team has a real impact on the brands in question.

“The BVA will continue to support members in challenging irresponsible promotions using these breeds.”

The #BreedtoBreathe toolbox – with information about the BVA’s policy position, the 10-point plan for vet practices, template letter and shareable social media infographics – is available on the BVA website.

If you wish to learn more about the campaign feel free to contact us @ [email protected]

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