How to Become a Veterinary Cardiologist

By Becky Nicholson MRCVS Cardiology is a much-needed sub-discipline of veterinary internal medicine. Auscultation of the heart should be performed on every clinical examination. From puppies and kittens to geriatric patients, heart disease happens. Correct and early diagnosis is vital in preserving patients’ lives and quality of life. General practice vets, understandably, have limits to their expertise, hence the high … Read More

What Does a Vet Nurse/Vet Tech Do Every Day?

By Claire Kealy RVN The role of the vet nurse (VN) or veterinary technician (VT) varies greatly depending on the practice they work for and which pathway they have chosen. Tasks carried out by the small animal VN/VT will differ greatly from that of nurses and techs working with large animals (livestock) and those who care for and manage equine … Read More