How to Become a Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Specialist

By Dr. Alison Foucault DVM, MRCVS Unlike human doctors, veterinarians do not require further training after vet school in order to practice. A vast majority of us will choose to go into general practice, sometimes after an internship, sometimes not, and remain at the front lines of the profession.  Over the last 30 years, however, medical advances in our field … Read More

How To Negotiate Your Salary as a Veterinarian

By Dr. Becky Nicholson MRCVS Whether you are looking to stay in the same job or move to pastures new, salary negotiation is inevitable in permanent vet jobs and locum vet jobs. Some employers will perform annual salary reviews as standard, but that doesn’t eliminate the need to discuss salary with your manager. Routine reviews are predominantly inflationary (if that!). … Read More