How to Become a Veterinary Nurse in The UK

by Claire Kealy, RVN.  Veterinary nurses play a key role in caring for sick, injured, and hospitalised animals and promoting animal health and welfare by educating clients on responsible pet ownership. Working alongside veterinary surgeons and other support staff, nurses carry out a range of tasks such as performing minor surgeries, administering medical treatments under the direction of the veterinary … Read More

How Do You Know It’s Time to Change Your Vet Job?

by Dr. Becky Nicholson MRCVS Changing your vet job can be an intimidating proposition. There is little spare time to job hunt, there’s a tendency for vets to be self-deprecating – so promoting yourself isn’t easy, and we’ve all heard stories from peers that make us grateful for what we’ve got – better the devil you know and all that.    … Read More